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ScrapMania (Really!)

On Friday night, Kory returned home from a month long trip to Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland.  It is so good to have her back in home!  Also, on Friday, Adara was called back to employment by Target Corporation, (yeah, Target!  I don’t have to boycott you any longer—kidding–I never could boycott that store), so we three little girls had reason to celebrate. 

I had booked us a table at Archivers to do some scrapbooking on Saturday night, so with bins in tow, (I haven’t moved up to the wheelie case thing yet), we started our excursion at 3:00 and ended it at 9:00.  Adara said she was going to blog her own pictures at

Here’s the work of ‘the mom’.  Oh, and not all of these got done in that one little 6 hour session!  No way, no how!











It’s OK to have confidence in your abilities

Oh, the things a new book can do!  On Thursday night, I bought Natalie Goldberg’s book, Writing Down the Bones, which two out of two Loft teachers have highly recommended.  Now that I have had my nose buried in the book, I see why both made the recommendation; completely and utterly inspiring for a wanna-be writer yet simple and easy to comprehend.  I find that my body and mind relaxes when I am reading because she is speaking directly to me.  Ok, I know better, but what she has to say is totally applicable to me at this juncture in my writing life.  My confidence has been built and I see that what I am going through is typical for many writers and when she describes her own experiences which are similar to mine, I feel a kinship with accomplishment.

Goals for the next 4 weeks, (until the Idea Intensive class is over):

  1. Write at least 30 minutes a day with letting first thoughts flow on to the paper, but without stopping on the page, editing or re-reading.
  2. Blog something each day
  3. Continue to work on the mind-mapping exercises.